Modern-Jazz Shoes and Footwear for Contemporary Dance

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Foot-Gloves NEOFORM Flesh

Regular price €22.50 Price €11.25

Flesh Foot Gloves Neoform Bloch: a cover of the forefoot without skin tears. Metatarsal protection. Separation of each toe. For contemporary dance, oriental, jazz. Neoprene, Inner lining with memory of form

Black Grazia Dance Teacher Shoe

Regular price €37.50 Price €18.75

The black Grazia dance teacher shoe is particularly comfortable thanks to its ultra soft leather and its wide elastic ideal for bunions. It allows to maintain the foot and ensure perfect flexibility especially for the demonstration. You can use it for teaching, modern-jazz, ballroom (beginners). With small heel of 2.5 cm

Foot Glove S0660

Regular price €16.67 Price €8.34

Gants de Pieds de Bloch S0660 pour la Danse Contemporaine, modern-jazz. Tige en maille respirante et adaptable dans laquelle on enfile les orteils. Semelle en peau de mouton Tailles : S = 34 1/2 - 35 1/2 M = 37 - 38 1/2

Black leather elasticated gym slipper

Price €12.50

Black gym shoes for children and adults from size 25 to 40. Elasticated on the instep, this black leather gym shoe is very flexible for dance initiation, a first approach to contemporary modern jazz dance, circus arts or simply school sports but also equestrian acrobatics. Non-slip rubber outsole and canvas interior. This model also exists in white

Which shoe should I choose for modern jazz or contemporary dance?

  • Because modern jazz dance has its origins in African-American dance, many dancers are barefoot. It is true that dancing while feeling the floor and its imperfections can completely change the way you stand. However, depending on the season and the place where you practice, the dance sock allows you to prevent the cold. For this, I suggest special socks for dance such as the Blochsox which supports the foot and facilitates rotation or the Toesox which have separate toes and crossed elastics on the instep like a ballet slipper.
  • With contemporary dance, the foot thongs, make it possible to keep the sensation of dancing barefoot but only protect the support surfaces of the metatarsus when rotating or sliding on uneven ground.
  • Nevertheless, for the Broadway and music-hall version of modern dance, the jazz shoe is really an integral part of the woman's modern jazz dance outfit. With or without heel, high or low, the modern jazz dance shoe is usually black, but can also be white or flesh. The height of the heel, when present, is light and measures 1 cm. When the heel measures more than 4 cm, it is worn in a jazz cabaret spirit. The dance Sneaker is also popular for street jazz, which gives your look a hip hop feel. For the show, the jazz shoe can include a lace. To prevent the risk of falling caused by an untied lace, many models are elasticated without laces.