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Ballet Papier is a Spanish brand of small gifts and dance accessories

Ballet Papier

began in 1992 when the artist and painter Maria Bérénice La Placa started drawing ballerinas for her daughter Ambar Gavilano, who studied ballet. Ambar's friends also wanted to decorate their rooms with these ballerinas and people started placing orders that made them very popular.

The Ballet Papier Brand

Currently, Bérénice and Ambar combine their talents and creativity to design each product and make them specially designed for fans of dance and art.

Ballet Papier's drawings begin as a story carefully described by the artist Bérénice and reviewed by Ambar Gavilano, who is now a professional dancer. Ambar reviews the body's position, style and expression, to make sure it matches the character represented.

There are small gifts such as stationery or make-up accessories, jewelery or t-shirts that tell the story of famous ballets such as Casse Noisette, Coppélia, Swan Lake ...

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Coppélia Pendant

Price €24.17

Pretty pendant of a length of 9 cm approximately representing Coppélia. The Dancer realized in lacquered wood by a Spanish painter is part of a complete collection: mirror, notebook,... Necklace out of fabric matched and provided of a 50 cm length approximately.

Dance Mood Pin

Price €2.50

Dance Mood Pin will delight all dancers regardless of their age because it symbolizes the combination of classical dance and jazz or hip hop. Ideal for a cheap gift, to complete an outfit as it blends easily in white and black

T-Shirt Roller

Price €29.17

White and orange short sleeve girl tee shirt with nice Roller skating print. Design made by a Spanish artist with reflective inserts. Available in S equivalent 12 years old and M equivalent XS -14 years old.