Capezio© dance shoes, pointe shoes and tights

Capezio© is a famous American brand of dance shoes that originated in New York in the 1900s. Specializing in leather shoes and pointe shoes, Capezio is also renowned for its professional tights, as well as all dance-related clothing and accessories.

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List of products by brand Capezio©

Transition Tights with Back Seam - Capezio©

Price €20.00

Capezio's 1918W tights are convertible dance tights that have a hole under the foot to easily place your pointe shoes. These tights have a mesh back that extends the leg. These solid semi-opaque transition tights are available in black so you can use them for ballet with your black half-tips as well as for contemporary dance or modern jazz.

Dance Tights Ultra Soft Transition - CAPEZIO©

Price €15.83

Transition tights to place the protective tips for pointe shoes under your dance tights. The Capezio 1916 tights are particularly renowned: ultra soft, made of tactel for unmatched comfort and performance. Capezio convertible tights are ideal for dance, exercise, recital, costume and fashion. Comfortable soft knit waistband, dyed gusset for color consistency, these women's tights are available in ballet pink

Dance Footundeez Suntan - CAPEZIO©

Price €16.67

Capezio's Footundeez are thong foot pedals available in Suntan color suitable for dancers of mixed race or with a slightly darker skin tone. Ideal to blend in with tanned skin, these foot straps are very comfortable for contemporary and modern-jazz dance. With these toes, your foot will be effectively protected from rubbing on the floor while maintaining the maximum barefoot feel. 4 sizes available

Professional Fishnet Dance Tights - Capezio©

Price €37.50

The Capezio© Professional Fishnet Dance Tights 3000 is a great value for dancers. A classic for stage, theater, jazz and tap, Capezio© professional fishnet dance tights are also perfect for costumes and fashion. With their elastic waistband and nylon sock-like lining under the foot, these tights bring the Capezio© quality, performance and comfort recognized by many dancers and showbiz stars

Capezio©, since 1887

Capezio© is dedicated to dance, theater and leisure artists. For over 100 years, the Capezio© brand has been committed to providing exceptional service to its customers through innovative, high-quality dance wear and services, while constantly advancing market research and technology. Performance is the source of inspiration for Capezio©.

Below is a video history of the development of the famous American brand Capezio©.

Official shoemaker since 1892

Salvatore Capezio was appointed official shoemaker to the Metropolitan Opera House after his workshop became a meeting place for dancers to discuss their footwear needs. One dancer in particular, Angelina Passone, dropped by one day to discuss her shoe needs and became Salvatore Capezio's wife. Who would have thought that a passion for shoes could turn into a passion for shoemaking?

1910, Pavlova, a pointe for one of the world's greatest ballerinas

The world's greatest ballerina, Anna Pavlova, bought Capezio pointe shoes for herself and her entire troupe on her first tour of the United States. Her generous praise of Salvatore's work ensured Capezio's success. To thank her appropriately, Salvatore designed a special pointe shoe which he christened "The Pavlova".

Broadway recognition in the 20s and 30s

By this time, Capezio had become a family business whose shoes were featured on Broadway in Ziegfeld Follies in 1923. Dozens of other musicals soon followed in Ziegfeld's footsteps and featured Capezio shoes on stage.

Ben Sommers and the creation of the leotard

After Salvatore Capezio's death in 1940, Ben Sommers became president of Capezio©. Sommers began as a storekeeper at Capezio at the age of 14 and rose through the ranks to become president in 1940. One of his first accomplishments was supplying shoes for the Broadway production of the Ziegfeld Follies, mentioned above. As dance became increasingly popular, Capezio decided to launch dancewear, including the first version of the ballet leotard.

1960, Estelle Sommers and the creation of Spandex

Estelle Sommers, wife of Ben Sommers, was a philanthropic dancer deeply involved with Capezio©. In particular, she introduced Antron-Lycra/Spandex to Capezio dancewear, revolutionizing the dance industry.

MTV, magazines and celebrities

Dancing in the 80s, when MTV first hit the airwaves, Capezio© led the way with shoes, leos, dance tights, bags and leg warmers in great demand by rock idols, models, pop stars and many more. Capezio© also continued to feature in major magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan. Capezio© remains a fashion and dance icon. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Maddie Ziegler have all supported the brand by wearing Capezio.

Capezio© today

Capezio© is the name that keeps the world dancing. With over 130 years of quality craftsmanship, dedicated customer service and timeless design, Capezio© is the brand of choice for athletes and artists worldwide.