Fanna Pole Dance outfits, ethical and responsible

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Pole Dance Shark Bra - Fanna

Price €82.50

You will appreciate both the original design and the comfort of your Pole Dance Shark bra that matches the pole dance Shark panty. Indeed, this bra for pole dance is designed in Econyl© a recycled and infinitely recyclable material that requires less water for its manufacture. With a crew neckline and closed back, you can perform tricks and balances safely and without discomfort with your chest maintained. Lined and flat seams

Pole Dance Shark Panties - Fanna

Price €74.17

You'll love this high-waisted pole dance panty for its comfort and design. The cut is just perfect. Bi-colored in red and flesh or black and flesh, you can match it with the Shark pole dance bra. The material used for this women's pole dance outfit is Econyl© an environmentally friendly material. Available from S to XL for all the morphologies of the women, you will feel at ease to pole with this panties of dance

Pole Dance X Bra - Fanna

Price €62.50

The Pole Dance X bra from Fanna Polewear matches the X panty. Available in S and M sizes and different colors, this bra for pole dancers is not only original but also ethical thanks to its eco-friendly material. It slips on to give a crossed effect under the chest, then crosses over the front to close in the neck with a metal hook.

Pole Dance X panties - Fanna

Price €50.00

The Pole Dance X panty is a panty designed in a recycled material Econyl© all women who are looking for a more ethical pole. Indeed, your Pole Dance panties can be recycled endlessly with this material. Low waist but very interlocking with a small elastic in the back, it deceives its world with a belt in X which comes at the level of the navel for an effect high waist. Available in different colors. See also the matching bra