Accessoires de Yoga : briques, serviettes, chaussettes, sangles, roues

Yoga Accessories: Blocks, Straps, Covers, Towels, Socks

Here are the accessories for your yoga practice. In addition to your Manduka or Lotuscraft yoga mat and zafu spelled or kapok yoga cushion, depending on the line you choose, you will need additional equipment such as straps that extend your arms, blocks that will facilitate your postures, blankets that will keep you warm in shavasana, towels that will replace your yoga mat on a trip!

Yoga socks are also useful to complement your yoga outfit

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Belt Yoga Strap

Price €8.33

Strap, yoga belt in turquoise cotton length 1.83 m to facilitate your postures. Used especially for Yin Yoga, this yoga accessory allows you to relax smoothly without forcing yourself. Degressive tariff from 5 purchased

Cork Yoga Block -...

Price €15.00

Cork Yoga Block - Small Size offers a particularly soft and anti-slip surface for more safety and support when practicing asana. Pure natural cork, without polyurethane or binder, its format allows a good hold in small as large hands. This is the format that Ezabel recommends for your yoga practice

Cork Yoga Brick

Price €14.17

Small cork yoga brick 7 cm x 14 cm x 22 cm for a weight of 700 g. Sold individually. It facilitates postures, asanas for yin yoga or supports knees sitting in half-lotus. To combine with our cork yoga wheel and our cork yoga mat

Cork Yoga Wheel

Price €40.83

Flexibility, stretching, fish posture or matsyasana facilitated with the natural non-slip cork yoga wheel. Yoga, stretching or gentle gym exercises, the yoga wheel is the extension of your arms or legs

FeetUp Trainer

Price €107.50

Yoga chair Feetup to practice inverted poses like sirsasana in a safe and stable way. Making the pear tree becomes a breeze, even beginners can enjoy the benefits of the posture known as the «king of asanas»

Pink yoga wheel

Price €0.00

Pink inner yoga wheel for extra support during your stretches and yoga sessions. Invent exercises of balance or flexibility or release tensions and bends with a fish posture facilitated. Diameter 33 cm