Girl Skating Dresses, Leotard Tunic with Skirt for Skating

Girls' dresses for figure skating or ice dancing on sale at 50% off while stocks last. Free delivery in parcel relay from 50 € of purchase (France). Delivery worldwide.

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Body leotard skating long sleeve inner fleece

Price €50.00

Long sleeve leotard with back zip closure in flesh color, black, red. Ideal for ice dancing, figure skating, available for girls from 6 years old and adults up to L. This warm dance leotard can also be worn as underwear for all your performances or outdoor shows because it knows how to make itself invisible. Waterproof, fleece interior. Funnel neck, zip closure

A figure skating dress for the first competition

For the first time ever, a figure skating dress is ideal no matter what the age of the girl. With models that offer excellent value for money, choose bright colors that will enhance the girl's talents on the ice.

For the little ones, the skating tunics have a fleece interior and are waterproof. Waterproof, in case of a fall, the girl stays dry.

For the simpler skating dresses, you can wear a thermal skating leotard underneath which will bring more comfort to the cold ones as well as  leg warmers to protect the fragile joints.

Finally, for those who can't find the model of their dreams, I also advise you to take a look at the girl's ballet leotard that can be customized with rhinestones, embroidery or trimmings as well as the dance tutu. Discover dance costumes that can also be adapted to your programs.

Finally, make sure you have everything you need to protect your young skater with small silicone accessories that prevent kick injuries or rhinestone gloves for skating.

What a shame if your skating outfit is ruined by a pair of tights with holes in them! Pack a spare pair of skating tights... with the stress of competition, it's best to plan ahead!

I'm liquidating all figure skating and ice dancing items while supplies last! Take advantage of the low prices...